Welkom op de website van Els Vercruysse MSc.

Experience: 3 Master Degrees in Sports and Physical Health Education, Motor Revalidation and physical therapy and Osteopathic Medicine / Osteopathy and over 15 years of professional experience working with children and young adults. Specialized in child psychomotor revalidation, respiratory therapy, personal fitness coaching and physical health education both in the private and non-profit sector.

Author of a child story ‘Lucas, het komt dik in orde.’ A motivating picture book about a boy who struggles with overweight. This book was the start of my project ‘Het komt dik in orde’, a multidisciplinary treatment I founded encouraging children, adolescents and their environment to engage a healthy active lifestyle in combating childhood obesity.

As an osteopath my goal is to offer a holistic approach of health education, prevention and treatment. The approach of osteopathy is based, in part, on the belief that the body has a built-in self-regulatory system and is able to repair itself. Another principle of osteopathy is that the body will adapt to injury or disease and it is possible to direct that adaptability to promote healing. Osteopaths also believe that the body functions as an entire unit and therefore treatment for a condition should take a look at the whole person.

I work as an independent osteopath in my own practice in Jabbeke (Belgium/ Europe) and am assistant Teacher Osteopathy at the IAO (International Academy Osteopathy).

Great interest for research and science. I am preparing my PhD thesis regarding the posturology of normal weight vs obese children and the effect of osteopathic treatment on their posturology and balance. In collaboration with the UGENT (University of Gent).